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Connect, Blog, Share and Do more with Swirge Decentralized social media platform, Built on the Basic-chain Blockchain.

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Built on the Blockchain, Swirge is completely Decentalized


Stay informed on what's going on around you and your space


Powered by powerful, Decentralized servers


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What we do

Connecting People

We help users connect with users of similar interest while growing their space.

Follow everything from breaking news and entertainment, to sports, politics, cryptocurrency, and everyday interests.

Hear what people are talking about, follow and share interests and join in on the conversation.

What we do


Easily sell your products on Swirge Marketplace, Promote or Boost your Swerves to reach more users learn more on what swerves are.

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Stay Safe! COVID-19

What you need to know about COVID-19, Coronavirus. Wash your hands and stay safe!

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Year in Review

Swirge Inc, The company, Products and Services - Wraps up 2019. Read this article.

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You Own Your Data

On Swirge you completely own your data! and can delete and download anytime.

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